The ecological farm covers 68 hectares of land with 2000 olive trees, almond trees, walnut trees and various fruit trees. The Benali farm is 100% organic.
The yearly olive harvest, all picked by hand is a big job. 
Thanks to volunteers all over the world who are truly dedicated to organic farming we are developing bit by bit our proyect.
We are recovering our fields by pruning trees. We made a start with building up a permaculture vegetable garden and compost boxes.
Our choice for organic farming is based on our philosophy to take care of our health and our planet.

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Our goal is to provide healthy and sustainable food by organic farming, reducing the consumption of meat and avoid products with palm oil and processed foods. We are specialists in vegetarian food.

If you love good food, the Mediterranean cuisine and share our philosophy about organic farming, Benali is the perfect place for you to taste pure flavours into our dishes. We will surprise you with an excellent creative and balanced cuisine, carefully prepared based on local, seasonal, very rich and healthy products.



Eco Tourism & Eco Farming

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