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Glamping  (glamorous camping) is the way to enjoy the environment, nature, fresh air and the advantages offered by going camping without giving up the comfort and quality of a room and a stylish decoration.
The best accommodation to sleep in summer is in our Glamping tents. It is fresh and cool during the night, you might even need a blanket. 
There is no light pollution on the Glamping. That's why you have a true starry sky to sleep under.

You can choose between a family tent (6 x 4 m) with 4 beds or two smaller tents, each with 2 beds (5 m round)

Even you can use the big Glamping kitchen, feel free to have your breakfast, lunch or dinner served by the Benali team at the main terrace.
You can aspect interesting company f
rom people at the main terrace as well from our animals at the campsite.

Enjoy nature on our 68-hectare site. Walk through olive groves, past our water basins and the small cemetery of Casas Benali.Take a long mountain hike, swim in a natural lake or Benali pool,
take a yoga class and treat yourself with our fresh bread service every day. 
For more information about the activities at Casas Benali and the area, check here


Glamping tent 24m2 or 2 x 8m2

4 beds: double or single


Free WiFi

Equiped shared kitchen

Shower & Toilet

Fenched pool 80m2 


Laundry Service

Healthy (vegetarian)food

Yoga classes & massage

Organized Hikes


All Glamping  facilities are included in the price.
Our Extra Facilities can be paid at the end of your stay.


- Reduce and recycle your waste
- Use  Eco Toiletries 
- Be aware of water and electricity consumption

Healthy Salad
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