• Daniël van Kempen

Why buying Local is Important but not Efficient

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Avocado from our local supplier in Enguera

It is very easy to buy all your products in just one single place. It takes a lot of time to buy local products because of the distances and the personal attention you receive when you buy from a local supplier. With all my good intentions and my conscious live style I realize that it is not always possible to buy everything local and although I love the chats with the passionate farmers......I just don't have all morning for buying some veggies and fruit! When I skip my principals and buy avocados at the local supermarket for Steve's guacamole, half of them are rotten and the other half is overripe. Then I realize how beautiful, tasty and creamy the avocados are from our local supplier and don't understand why I didn't go to this wonderful Spanish couple with there own ecological avocado trees in there garden and always showing me something new. The best things always take some extra time and most of the time it is worth it.



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