Eco Tourism & Retreats

Casas Benali likes to work with other companies or initiatives that have the same philosophy or a similarity in this. We believe in making things better together!

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CreaTurisme is the strategy of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana for the development and promotion of highly specialized and experiential-based tourism product programs. Its main objective is to promote the differentiation of the Valencian tourist offer and the development of tourist products suitable for packaging and marketing.

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Eco Tour & Wine tasting

We have introduced numerous plant species and aromatic plants to provide food and shelter for beneficial insects and thus naturally control pests. The result is a vineyard in continuous bloom. From spring to autumn the different species of plants open their flowers and fill our vineyard with color and life.

The Ecotour consists of a marked path around the vineyard of about 400 m in length that allows to learn more about the vineyard in its different phases of the vine cycle, as well as the role of the different plant species in the ecosystem.

The visit to this plot is free and can be an ideal complement to spend a different day in a privileged enclave.

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This is an open space for those who want to rest, walk in the mountains, practice yoga and meditation, be silent, share, eat healthy, learn about self-sustaining life, sing, dance, draw, read, write ...

It is a space for pampering, caring, self-knowledge, personal development, creativity ...

A space to experience another way of living, away from the frenetic rhythm of today's society and a little closer to our true inner nature.

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Venue Retreat was designed to be the connection for venue owners and adult retreat leaders, company workshops, events and wedding planners . We want to make it easier for the best wellness retreats to find their perfect retreat venue anywhere in the world.


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Fasting is complemented with activities designed so that each person has the possibility of appreciating improvements in their integral health, through creative, relational and self-reflection dynamics, as well as their own spaces, fasting and nutrition talks, walks and the spaces available for silence that you can take at any time and take special care at the end of each day.

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