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Eco Tourism & Retreats


Casas Benali is looking for an enthusiastic person who recruits groups that focus on personal development, wellbeing and the environment to organize their retreats in Benali.

Why is Casas Benali the ideal place to offer a retreat? The unique silence, nature and organic farming are the basis for a more balanced, healthier, happier and more conscious life.


1) It is very important that you recognize yourself in our philosophy and objective: Promote a healthy, conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 
2) You are a positive, happy and conscientious person 
3) You have personal experiences with retreats
4) You can access or see ways to access a network of retreats
5) Your way of communication is clear, transparent and honest


​1) First of all it is important to visit our project, facilities and services to prepare what you offer to the people who organize retreats.
2) We will send you information of all the details you need to know before contacting the retreat organizers by email or phone

3) You explain to clients the philosophy of Casas Benali, the installations and services.

It is not necessary to talk about the wishes of the client and what we can offer, neither the availability of our calendar all this we do.
4) Once we have agreement of the retreat signed, we will pay you after receiving the payment of the quote a commission of 10% of the rental of the venue*
which includes all accommodation, services such as workshops, classes, food, etc. are not included in the commission, the percentage of 10% is the same as all the companies that make acquisitions for Casas Benali


Contact us by email if your are interested in this job.

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